nursery plants under shade cloth

BNP Nursery

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Over 150 species of containerized native plants from Western Montana including hardy native grasses, shrubs and wildflowers.  We hand collect seed to ensure genetic diversity and grow totally out-of-doors at 4000′ so you’ll have the hardiest plants available.  We are shifting our species selection toward pollinator friendly and xeric plants but still have a good selection of shade and water loving species available.

The nursery is open by appointment through October 1. Give us a call! 406.880.8809 

SEEDS! We are now offering a small selection of Montana native seeds for sale. Native Ideals Seed Farm produces Montana native seeds of exceptional quality and we are proud to offer their seeds to you.

clusters of yellow rays flowers of Oregon Sunshine

Oregon Sunshine

How We Raise Our Native Plants

Our plants are grown from hand-collected seeds or propagated from cuttings of local plants.  We do not dig plants from the wild.

nursery sign "Blackfoot Native Plants Nursery" and garden with yellow flowers beneath

Nursery entrance

Unlike nurseries that use genetically altered cultivars of native plants, we propagate wild native seeds we collect and take cuttings from local sources.  It is our belief that locally sourced plants are hardier and are more beneficial to their natural ecosystems than those that have been altered to enhance particular characteristics of a species.

Our plants are grown in containers out-of-doors (not in greenhouses) at 4000’ – USDA Zone 4b (USDA Plant hardiness zone map) to ensure extreme hardiness.  Most have already spent at least one winter in a pot.  Our plants thrive at high altitudes with short growing seasons where drought, cool nights, and extreme winter temperatures are common.

My husband says that our motto should be “If it grows at our house, it will darn well grow at yours!”  Well, he changes the ‘d’ word to something a little different.  You get the idea.  It’s a tough place for a plant in a container to grow.

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