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Does it matter where my seed or plant comes from?

In revegetation work, using only locally sourced plant materials makes a lot of sense since reestablishment of a plant community requires using the plant community that exists as much as possible. Continue reading

Plants vs. ‘Plant Communities’

It was excitement about individual species that first got me interested in native plants, native ecosystems, and propagation.  I found an exquisite Pasqueflower popping up through the snow on an April morning and having identified it I began to notice … Continue reading

Ode to Red-Osier

Driving along the Blackfoot River today, the sun began to sneak through the fog shedding a beautiful light across the rippling water – a photographer’s dream!  The fall gold color of grasses against the blood red stems of Red-Osier Dogwood … Continue reading


Ever been vacationing somewhere and you find some plant you think you just can’t live without?  Tempted to bring it (or a piece of it, or a seed from it) home? I am tempted constantly! I’m in New England this … Continue reading

A Plant in a Pot is Not the Same as A Plant in the Ground

Plants in pots are not as winter hardy as plants in the ground – we all know that – and most of us have lost our share of plants we had hoped would make it through the winter in a … Continue reading

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?? I was out in the nursery today cleaning Fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium) seedlings out of pots.  It’s everywhere!  My bad – I hate to cut it down when there are still blossoms on it. Suddenly my cursing … Continue reading

Oregon Sunshine!

Oregon Sunshine (Woolly Sunflower) aka Eriophyllum lanatum is once again putting on a show in our deer garden.  Resisting all passing deer it is blooming profusely with only one light watering during the past weeks hot temps and promises to … Continue reading


The Bitterroot (Lewisia rediviva) is in bloom in our garden, putting on a delightful show among the rocks for the dozens of people through the demonstration garden this week.  I am always surprised when people suggest that they are difficult … Continue reading

Plants that Attract Native Pollinators

 Plants that Attract Native Pollinators by Guest blogger – Annie Roberts Why should anyone care about attracting pollinators to their gardens?  Here’s one good reason: pollinators serve an essential function in our ecosystem; without them all plants would die, meaning … Continue reading

Planting Seeds

I’ve had a number of folks asking about how to plant seeds and achieve success, so here are a few tips: 1) While springtime planting is appropriate for species that are annuals or for certain dryland species, most of our … Continue reading