Edible and Medicinal

Most of our native plants have been used traditionally for food and medicine.  Today, knowledge of which parts of specific plants may be used is becoming popular once again.  Below, we have identified a number of plants we grow that have traditional uses.

Please be advised that we are in no way endorsing these plants for edible and medicinal use but simply providing information that these plants have traditionally been used by knowledgeable people.

Blackfoot Native Plants Edible Plants available in 2016:

single green stem with clusters of magenta flowers


Blackfoot Native Plants Medicinal Plants available in 2016:

single Creeping Oregon Grape plant with bluish-purple berries and serrated red leaves

creeping Oregon grape berries

heart-shaped green leaves beneath bright yellow ray flowers with yellow centers

heart-leaf arnica

2 stems of lavender to rose-purple flowers in dense 1" bee-balm type heads with serrated opposite leaves along stem

wild bergamot


ferny dark green foliage and white clusters of tiny flowers on flat umbels